A 19-year-old driver in Oakville was clocked in going at 218 km/hr on a highway in Toronto. The speed limit on Highway 400 where the incident happened is a 100 km/hr zone. This is one of the many cases of stunt driving that has been caught on Toronto’s highway.

With more and more young drivers taking the wheels for dangerous driving, it has become unprecedented in the last couple of years. OPP Highway Safety Division later tweeted that a Boeing 737 takes off at about 250 km/hr to compare the tremendous speed of the erring driver. The incident happened during the early morning hours.

?What are the consequences of stunt driving in Toronto?

Stunt drivers in Toronto face different penalties based on the offense. In the case of the erring teen driver, the penalties included the following:

  • Charging the teen with careless driving and stunt driving
  • Suspending the driver’s license for seven days
  • Impounding of the driver’s car by the OPP

However, in many cases, stunt driving is an offense that can also result in the following penalties if the driver is convicted.

  • A fine of up to $10,000
  • Imprisonment of up to six months
  • Impounding the vehicle for seven days
  • Immediate suspension of the driver’s license for seven days

?What constitutes as stunt driving in Toronto?

Under the Highway Traffic Act, stunt driving is when drivers cross the speed limit by 50 km/hr or more.

?What can you do when charged with stunt driving?

If you are charged with stunt driving, you have two options.

  • You can represent yourself. However, if you lose the case, you can end up losing your license for good — incidences of drivers ending up in jail while self-representing is also not uncommon.
  • You can seek legal advice. A lawyer is the best person to represent your case.