The number of daredevils taking to the streets has seen a dramatic increase all over Texas. The beginning of 2019 alone witnessed an unprecedented number of stunt driving tickets that were issued.

Motorists and drivers driving at speeds more than 50 km per hour typically fall in this category. Not only is this reckless practice extremely dangerous for the riders and drivers. It puts everyone on the road at that particular time at risk.

But according to the police department, these mostly young stunt drivers do not understand the gravity of the situation as well its consequences.

What this entails

The law is quite serious about this phenomenon. This means that the penalty is also something to contend with. It includes:

  • Immediate license suspension for seven days for the erring drivers
  • Impounding of the vehicle used in the stunt driving for seven days
  • A first time offender faces a fine between $5,000 and $25,000 for stunt driving without insurance
  • For first offenders a license suspension for up to two years if a driver is convicted
  • A fine ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 if the driver is convicted and is a repeated offender
  • Convicted drivers also face a jail term for six months

What communities and organizations are doing to curb the stunt driving problem?

Along with the law enforcers, many organizations feel the intense need to keep a check on this problem. Enforcement of strict laws and paying the fines alone does not solve this problem. Finding an insurance company is very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars which drivers cannot afford to pay.

Therefore, there is an effort to spread awareness and educate everyone in the community about the penalties as well as the consequences. Drivers also need to understand that they put their lives as well as others’ at stake.